Is e-X-tension relevant? A comment we received, and a question for you.

We received this comment about eXtension, and would be interested in any responses you might have. Does eXtension represent an attempt to revitalize extension work, or does the story of eXtension provide a cautionary tale?

“I believe that the site was created with the idea that it would be the vehicle for reconsidering, or re-imagining, extension. My perception is that it has not been successful beyond a few specific interest groups. I’m involved with a community of practice that has been very active, but our own websites get far more ‘hits’.

Envisioned as a sort of ‘wikipedia’ -type collaborative effort, it has a very rigid structure, and it focuses on branding ‘extension’ as the service, rather than making information easy to find. With search engines being the first line of inquiry, why would anyone go to the ‘eXtension’ site?

Is the overall eXtension effort salvageable? If one takes away the ‘wiki’, what value does it add? Or is it another entrenched bureaucracy?”

One thought on “Is e-X-tension relevant? A comment we received, and a question for you.

  1. Like any dynamic organization, eXtension strives to change and be relevant to Extension Professionals, researchers, individuals and families in the U.S. and beyond.

    As I try to remind myself, you only get out of something what you are willing to put in. I have become active in several Communities of Practice (COP’s). It has provided to me the opportunity to collaborate and enhanced scholarship with colleagues around the country. I would whole heartily recommend others in CCE system to research COP’s and join.

    The professional improvement opportunities abound. Through “learn” and “campus” at eXtension, there is a wealth of information at your finger tips.

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