What we talk about when we talk about Extension

The work of extension is bound up in the doing. It is a practice and an art and evolves continually to meet new needs and challenges. But the why of what we do is sometimes obscured by the how of actually doing it. For a number of years now Scott Peters, current Faculty Co-Director, Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life and Associate Professor at Cornell University, has been actively working to reveal the why embedded in the how of extension work. Through a series of publications based on practitioner stories  he has revealed a depth of commitment and emotion, as well as a broad range of motivations, in those who enact the work of extension.

You can read some of those stories in:

Catalizying Change (pdf)

WeGrowPeople (pdf)


The Arts and Community Youth Development: Drawing Lessons from Stories of Practice by Hélène Grégoire with a preface by Scott Peters


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