Higher Ed’s Role in Supporting a Rural Renaissance

A special section in this months Choice’s magazine looks at the role of higher education in revitalizing rural areas. Of particular note is an article by Scott Peters aptly titled “Extension Reconsidered“. Scott’sĀ  article lays out the rationale for the Extension Reconsidered project and provides some useful historical background for our current work.

Choices (The Magazine of Food, Farm, and Resource Issues) online: http://www.choicesmagazine.org/choices-magazine

Higher Education’s Role in Supporting a Rural RenaissanceĀ  http://www.choicesmagazine.org/choices-magazine/theme-articles/higher-educations-roles-in-supporting-a-rural-renaissance

Extension Reconsidered – Scott Peters – http://www.choicesmagazine.org/choices-magazine/theme-articles/higher-educations-roles-in-supporting-a-rural-renaissance/extension-reconsidered

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