Extension Reconsidered – The brochure

In 2011 Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) celebrated its Centennial. In 2013 CCE developed a new Strategic Plan. Now CCE is moving forward to put that Plan into action, and is asking for your help. Please join the conversation and add your voice!

We have developed a 4 page booklet that lays out the goals and outcomes of the Extension Reconsidered project here at CCE. You can click the link to download Extension Reconsidered-Invitation to Join the conversation (pdf). 

You can also download a pdf version of “Dialogue and Deliberation for Furthering CCE’s University-Community Engagement” which discusses our rationale for encouraging deliberative processes as part of the Extension Reconsidered project. Click this link: Dialogue and Deliberation for Furthering (pdf) to download. (Also available online here: http://extrecon.cce.cornell.edu/dialogue-and-deliberation/)

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