Deliberative forums – preliminary summary of what we heard

One of the ways CCE’s Extension Reconsidered project has promoted conversation in NYS is through “Deliberative Forums”. These are relatively structured conversations in which participants consider, in turn, three distinct perspectives on an issue and reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of each. The goals are to increase awareness and understanding of different perspectives on complex issues, and to bring to light the strengths and downsides of each one in a way that is constructive and less polarized.

Deliberative Forums were held in CCE Albany County, CCE Broome County, CUCE New York City, CCE Seneca County, and on Cornell campus.  More than 90 people participated in these discussions (which were recorded), and 25 of those responded to an anonymous on-line follow-up survey.  The discussions considered 3 stylized “Views” on what Extension’s role in the 21st century should be. These views were articulated in a handout, and although they were drawn from genuine and sometimes deeply-held perspectives on Extension, they were presented in somewhat stark form to highlight their distinctiveness for purposes of discussion.

You can dowload the full document (pdf) by clicking the following link: Summary of what we heard through DFs (Oct 8)

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